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Kitchen surfaces : appliances,counter tops,wood and composite cabinets,stainless steel, porcelain and composite kitchen sinks.

Bathroom : bathtub,shower doors and walls,sinks,fixtures,curling iron and hair spray build-up.

Floors : hardwood,tile,linoleum, and marble.

Carpet : removes many stains other cleaners will not.Happy customers report the removal of stains from wine,cosmetics,blood, tar,paints,markers,crayons,and numerous foods.
Windows,mirrors and all glass surfaces. Metal,plastic,wood and formica surfaces. Screen doors,mini-blinds,wooden blinds and valances. Upholstered, vinyl and leather furniture.
Electronic equipment, computer keyboards,photography equipment,
CD's and records(will not scratch),phone,fax equipment,VCR's and TV's. Antiques and collectibles,lamps and vases. Coffee and tea stains from our favorite cups.
Crystal chandeliers and musical instruments. Plants, both real and silk. Children's and especially,infant's toys. Sticker and tape residue removal. Hot tub and patio furniture.

Cars,Trucks, and RV's
Use as a chamois after washing. Windows,both inside and out.Dry with a clean cloth to prevent those tiny,tiny,water spots. Seats,floors, and door panels. Dashboards,steering and all vinyl or leather surfaces. Chrome trim, alloy wheels. Keep one in your dash pocket for those nasty soda and coffee spills.

Dog,cat, and house pet stain remover. house,livestock and pet "super groomer"-keeps their coats shiny and clean.

All forms of sporting and recreational equipment, such as golf clubs, fishing rods,guns,camping gear, and skis.
Vehicles such as golf carts,boats,airplanes,RV's,motorcycles, snowmobiles,etc.
Hobby and craft materials.
Carpet and upholstery stains from coffee,foot and ink. Equipment where chemical cleaners may be harmful. Doorknobs, telephones and areas that are shared by employees,especially during cold and flu seasons. Cleans clothing, handbags,belts,ties,luggage,etc. Exfoliates dry skin. Offers an alternative to those with soap sensitivities. Cleans face and removes make-up. Use lightly and carefully.